And where can you find us?

We are in Burntisland High Street

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A space for something new - breath, creativity, possibility............................

Karen’s Nia

Do-BeMindful Yoga

Iyengar Yoga

 Sound Baths

Yoga for Men

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Dance Fit

Highland Dancing

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Doing the Covid Dodge!

Any time you enter here

Let us make things very clear

Wear your mask ‘till in the space

Sanitise your hands not face

Leave your coats and shoes downstairs

No more huddling in pairs

Track and Trace is on the cards

Flash your phone to QR codes

Spread your wings to keep a distance

Take the path of least resistance

Thank you & Stay Safe

(Please forgive the doggerel!)

Take a look at the photographs on the Gallery page - link here to see how your return will look like.

Yoga for all with the Yoga Social

Coronoavirus has not gone away, please continue to do all you can to keep yourself and others safe.  Thanks xx

Jinti’s Qi Gong and Dance



Inspire Theatre Workshops

October - December